Run A Beachside Store? Try Our Custom Wristbands

Beach bum custom wristbands

Ah, the beach bum wristband. A sweltering summer classic. Perfect for those souls that want their soles on the sand 24/7. Identify yourself as the spiritual brother or sister of the ocean using one of our wristbands with your special inscription.

With a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces, this might not be a good fit for a single Beach Bum. But for your boating group or beach buddies, why not purchase a low-cost custom item you can save and wear with pride for years to come?

And let’s not even mention our readers out there who own a beach-side store. If you’ve got a shop in Cape Cod, Miami, or Santa Monica, what better investment than our wristbands? Throw them on your counter and watch people add them to their orders all day long.

Start designing your custom wristbands today!