Wristbands & Rio… A Match Made In Heaven

child watching tv taken from behind head

Look at you, just going straight zombie. I know, I know. I’m not blaming you for it. It can be hard to take your eyes away from the tube these days. What with that oh-so-special athletic event going on in Rio, Brazil. The one we can’t legally mention by name.

(Or can we? The So Shrimp Ticks? The Faux Limp Knicks? Eh… Best leave it alone.)

If you do manage to leave the tv and step outside your house during the next couple of weeks, make sure you do it with a unique, custom wristband made to support your country and its elite athletes as they compete against the very best in the world:

country wristbands showing France, Brazil and The UK

It’s not too late to design and order silicone wristbands of your own. You’ll get them in plenty of time to cheer on your guys and gals as they run, swim or flip their way to immortality down in Rio De Janeiro .

So what are you waiting for, surfer of the digital ocean we call the interweb? Get designing!