Print Outside the Box

Print Outside the Box

We always love it when our customers get creative with their wristbands! We offer several different styles of silicone wristbands that can each be printed with various techniques: debossing, embossing, ink fill, or flat printing. These provide a great canvas for creative minds and there’s still room to push the boundaries if you start blending the different techniques and wristbands together!

Multiple Silicone Colors

The Orphan Grain Train, an organization dedicated to providing aid to orphans around the world, went with a standard ink fill print, but got creative by mixing the silicone colors used in their bands. This isn’t a standard offering of ours, but it never hurts to ask to see if we can make your vision a reality. Fun fact… varying the silicone colors does not require any additional production costs for you!


Use ink-fill at will!

The Dogood-er Awards, an organization focused on recognizing those who “do good” in their communities, went with our classic half inch wristbands and some simple ink-filled debossing. What’s nice here is their spot use of colors to highlight their message. Typically people choose to print their words all in the same color, that often goes for the logos too, but we can put color almost anywhere you want on the wristband, so have at it!


Flat Print Your Intricate Art

Finally, this mouse-y fella from a little company named Disney asked us to make some wristbands for their upcoming Disney Cruises to the Panama Canal. The wanted a lot of detail in their artwork so they chose to go with flat printing on our classic half inch bands. Flat printing is a great way to display detailed artwork.

This is just a little sampling of what you can do with some of our various printing techniques. As customers get more and more creative we’ll certainly be showing them off to you. Have some ideas? Start designing and never hesitate to ask us if we can create what you’re dreaming up!

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