We Analyzed Your Wristband Color Choices

Last week, we shared our Wristband Design Guidebook, and part of that guide included a breakdown of our customers’ color choices. It is pretty interesting, so this week we wanted to analyze those choices and provide a little color inspiration for your wristband designs.

The 10 Most Popular Color Combos

We analyzed over 2,000 recent orders to determine the 10 most popular color combos as chosen by our customers. Here’s the breakdown:

32% chose Black silicone with White ink
19.5% – Blue with White ink
18% – Red with White ink
8% – Navy with White ink
6% – White with Black ink
6% – Purple with White ink
4% – Green with White ink
3% – Yellow with Black ink
2.5% – Pink with White ink
1% – Grey with White ink

As you can see, the 10 most popular combos all feature a different silicone color. However, 8 of them chose white ink. This is sort of surprising to us, although white ink makes the most sense when it comes to maximizing contrast to improve legibility. In the end, our customers clearly favor the classic color combo of black and white, and we’d have to agree with that… it looks sharp!

Custom design for the Wander Forever Collective

Need some color inspiration?

Last week we shared a tool to explore unique color combos. Here it is again: Coolors. When choosing your silicone and ink colors, maximize legibility by maximizing contrast (light vs dark). As our data suggests, white is great for this, but there are so many other color shades to choose from! And remember, we can match any color you’d like, just include it in your design notes.

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