Make Autism Awareness Wristbands For Your Next Event

autism awareness wristbands featuring puzzle piece and saying I am unique

If you’re looking to help raise awareness for autism, our custom wristbands are the perfect tool. With a low price point and a high level of popularity, our wristbands help you bring attention to your cause without breaking the bank.

Some popular autism awareness messages for your project

  1. Why Fit In When You’re Born To Stand Out?
  2. Think before your judge.
  3. It’s called AWEtism.
  4. Different not less.
  5. See the able, not the label.
  6. Staring does not cure autism.
  7. Too fabulous to fit in.
  8. I am unique.

Offical awareness ribbon

autism awareness wristband using red, green and blue puzzle pieces

The three-colored puzzle ribbon is the official ribbon for raising autism awareness. This ribbon was adopted by the Autism Society in 1999 and can be used by any non-profit in the quest for raising awareness. You can find more information about the ribbon here.

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If you’d like to contact us, you can do so at our contact page.Our normal turnaround time for a custom order is 10-12 days. Rush orders will be received in 7-8 days. If you have an event coming up, please be sure to leave enough lead time for the wristbands to safely arrive before your event.