D17 Clothing Promotes Their Brand With Wristbands

d17 clothing wristband in black with white text being worn on wrist

Wristband Bros had the pleasure of working with D17 Clothing on a custom wristband project. This crew has a sharp eye for design, so we didn’t really have to do much. We love it when our customers make us look good!

We recently spoke with them about their project and what makes D17 Clothing special:

Who founded D17 Clothing and where are you headquartered?

D17 Clothing was founded by Terrance Diggs, a 22-year-old designer and creative director. We are based out of Maryland.

How long have you been in operation?

We have been in business for about a year. Officially starting in August of 2016.

What inspired Terrance to start D17?

Terrance has always been involved in making t-shirt designs and exposed to street wear culture. He did designs for Towson University and other independent street-wear labels in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia area). He also helped develop merchandise for rising rappers and musicians, mainly rapper Kassim of 20NVR. He gained a lot of early inspiration from sportswear companies, hip hop, 90s fashion, and cinema, utilizing iconic color schemes, photography concepts, and the idea of making D17 a “team.”

D17 clothing models standing on train tracks

What are D17’s short and long-term goals

Some short-term goals for D17 are creating a positive platform to develop more clothing on, and exposing the world to new types of designers and marketing tactics. Long-term goals with D17 are being able to collaborate with more hip hop artists and sportswear companies to possibly create our own sneaker/line of apparel with them. Also, helping give back to communities through sports and art. In high school, Terrance was a 3-sport athlete playing golf, lacrosse, running track, and playing a lot of recreational basketball. He did this all while being an artist. He is a pretty diverse guy, which comes from him growing up in Columbia, Maryland, which was prided for being a diverse area.

Thank you D17, not only for thinking custom wristbands are a great promotional tool (which, I mean, come on… They so are!), but for sharing your great company story with us. We look forward to watching you continue to grow and inspire others!

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