USA Starz Streetball Is Making A Difference In Their Community

usa starz wristband featuring roy hudson

Wristband Bros recently had the pleasure of working with Roy Hudson, founder and owner of USA Starz Streetball. He designed a couple different wristbands with us, and we reached out to him to learn a little more about his organization and how he was utilizing the wristbands.

Founded by Roy in 2009, USA Starz purpose is “to use the platform of entertainment basketball to give the message of the gospel of Jesus globally. Our mission is to use this tool as a vehicle to travel the world for the glory of the kingdom of God.” That sounds like a terrific idea. Getting young people engaged in religion can at times be a tall task. Incorporating basketball seems like a stroke of genius to us.

When asked about the short and long-term goals of the organization, Roy had this to say:

Our short-term goals are to impact youth and young adults with basketball training and celebrity basketball games, both locally and nationally. Long-term, we hope to connect with the overseas market and bridge the gap between players and agents or pro leagues through USA Starz as a showcase for pro players.

usa starz wristbands die cut in white

The wristbands are being used to give kids a daily reminder of a sense of hope and also to teach the understanding of self-value in the sport they love.

Sounds like a terrific cause and organization, Roy!

Please check out USA Starz Facebook page here.