Behind The Bands: Chess4Life

Chess4Life is teaching kids how to play the game of Chess and how to turn those chess lessons into life lessons. Although their students play as individuals, they work together to learn and grow as a group.

Where It All Began

Chess4Life was founded in 2005 by National Master Elliott Neff. What initially began as a childhood fascination has grown into an incredible professional journey. Elliott’s experience stems from his dedication to studying hundreds of chess books and teaching thousands of students. He achieved his master title through dedicated self-study. He is the author of A Pawn’s Journey (2018). Perhaps most importantly though, he is the CEO of Chess4Life.

National Master Elliott Neff – Author of A Pawn’s Journey (2018) & CEO of Chess4Life

Making A Difference

Chess4Life’s mission goes beyond just teaching students how to play the game of chess. Their mission is to positively impact as many children’s lives as possible. By using chess as a vehicle for learning life lessons, Chess4Life seeks to impart life skills, character qualities, and a set of core values into each and every student they work with.

The Chess4Life organization works with schools, non-profits, and other organizations to bring these valuable lessons to students preschool and up all around the country. By empowering educators with little to no background in chess, they hope to fulfill their vision of helping one million kids per week learn these important life skills through this fun vehicle for social impact.

Students learning valuable lessons at Chess4Life Summer Camps.

Chess4Life and WristbandBros

We worked with Chess4Life to make some great custom wristbands. For the past two years, they have used WristbandBros to create wristbands for their summer camps. These segmented-style wristbands are made to remind kids of all the great things they are learning at chess camp:

“Our favorite wristband is emblazoned with “Win, Draw, Learn” which reminds kids that whether they win, draw or lose a game of chess, they can focus on what they learn from both their mistakes and their victories.”

Custom wristbands designed in collaboration with Chess4Life.

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