10% For Good Charity Initiative

Raising money and generating awareness are two of the best uses for custom wristbands. With that in mind, we wanted to take things a step further… Today we’re announcing our 10% For Good initiative. If you work for or support a charity, keep reading and let’s raise some money together!

We create a 10% promo code for your charity. In lieu of a customer discount, 10% of each sale using that code will be set aside and donated to your charity.

Every month we will partner with a charity in hopes of helping them generate awareness and raise money. We’ll write a blog post, create promotional images to share, and then promote you via our newsletter and social media all month long!

In turn, all we ask is for you to help spread the message, too.

When your supporters (or ours!) place their order, they’ll be able to enter a unique 10% promo code during the checkout process that is assigned specifically to your charity. The customer won’t get a 10% discount, but rather they’ll be forwarding that 10% along to you.

Interested? Contact us via the button below if you want to be part of the initiative, and keep an eye out each month for our featured charities!

Let’s raise some money!

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