Behind the Bands: Tackle Depression

Depression is no joke. It can be easy to dismiss and say things like “snap out of it” or “it will pass”… But for some people it can be all too consuming and difficult to break out of. Talking about it helps. Becoming educated about it helps even more. On that note, we’ve been fortunate to work with this nonprofit, Tackle Depression, that is doing their best to make sure that anyone battling mental illness knows that they are not alone.


In 2017, Bill Kvalheim was formally diagnosed with depression and anxiety. To him, this was just a formality, but to others it was a shock as one of the “happy and funny guys in class” had been struggling for years.

The stigma is that mental illness makes you a lesser person, that it means you’re incompetent or weak. It’s not true, but for whatever reason society portrays it that way, and because of that, people often keep their struggles to themselves.

In 2019, Bill and his wife, Ciara, founded Tackle Depression with the following mission:

Tackle Depression is a 501(c)(3) organization providing knowledge, insight, and coping skills for anyone battling mental illness. We are here to spread awareness to students, athletes, athletic programs, and school districts to let anyone know who is struggling that you are NOT alone in this fight. #TackleDepression

It’s only been about 2 years, but already they’ve accomplished an impressive amount. From teaming up with the XFL and the New Jersey Football Coaches’ Association, to launching a merch store that has made it’s way around the world, their undeniable impact is only beginning.

They don’t plan on slowing down, so make sure to keep up with them on Facebook and Instagram. And remember to periodically check-in with family and friends. See how they are really doing. Help #TackleTheStigma.

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