Giving Just Might Save Your Life

tip charge labeled donate highlights giving

According to Elizabeth Dunn, you better start living a more altruistic life. Because hording cash and shunning giving can actually kill you.

Well, maybe that’s not exactly what the psychology professor from the University of British Columbia is saying. But her research suggests a link between giving and happiness. This isn’t altogether surprising. However, Elizabeth takes her research one step further:

Donating to charity actually lowers your blood pressure!

Dunn measured study participants blood pressure before and after making a donation to charity. She found blood pressure lowered after giving to an important cause. The same drop in blood pressure was not present when the participant bought something of similar value for themselves!

“Giving is not just heartwarming, it may be quite literally good for our hearts,” she said while presenting her interesting findings at a conference in London.

Another reason to donate to charity? Sounds good to us!

h/t Reuters