Feeding America Partners Up With Snapchat To Launch “Spoontember”

people balancing orange spoons on their noses

Feeding America supports one of the largest networks of food banks in the United States. And the non-profit powerhouse is taking their networking skills onto a very popular social network all month long.

Snapchat and Feeding America are partnering up on an awesome social media campaign called “Spoontember.” All September, Feeding America is asking its supporters to send out snaps–disappearing photos, for the uninitiated–of themselves balancing a spoon on their nose. For those who don’t have a spoon on the ready, Snapchat will be adding a special image of an orange spoon right onto the app.

The point Feeding America is trying to make? 1 in 6 American’s go to bed hungry. It’s a staggering number and in order for it to be fixed, America needs to know the problem exists.

Feeding America kicked off the Spoontember campaign in Times Square on September 3rd. Hundreds took pictures with spoons on their noses. The pictures were displayed on a huge billboard for the world (of Time Square) to see.

Even a famous founding father got in on the action:

george washington with a spoon on his nose for spoontember

If you’d like to spread awareness of the hunger problem in America, head to Snapchat and start snapping!

Wristband Bros could not confirm or deny George Washington’s involvement in the Spoontember campaign.