Strings For Hope Breathes Life Back Into Broken Guitar Strings

Strings For Hope selling guitar string bracelets

Watch the video here.

This blog is a little scatterbrained at times, we admit. But for the most part, we’re talking about two things: bracelets and non-profits. So when we saw this story on Strings For Hope, our heads nearly exploded in excitement.

The charity is Nashville based, and so it’s appropriate that this non-profit is all about the guitar. And more pointedly, what happens to all those broken guitar strings. Laura Wilson, the leader of Strings For Hope, is making sure all those strings don’t end up singing their swan song at the local dump. Instead, they are repurposed for what some might argue is their most beautiful tune of all.

Donated broken guitar strings are turned into stylish bracelets, which are later sold at $20 a pop. The proceeds from the bracelet sales are given to local food banks. If the giving ended there, I’d call Strings For Hope a terrific cause. But if you peel this onion another layer, there’s more to love. Wilson employs local women in need of work, offering a means to generate cash for themselves. For each bracelet an employee makes, they earn a cool $5 bill.

If you’d like to learn more about Strings For Hope, head here.