The Birthday Party Project Is Making A Difference

It’s easy to take presents, a cake, and loads of friends and family singing happy birthday for granted. If that was your childhood, perhaps you just assume it’s everyone’s childhood. But that’s simply not the case. For many children growing up in difficult financial situations, a grand birthday party just isn’t in the cards.

That’s where The Birthday Party Project steps in. They’re trying to better lives, one awesome birthday at a time. Each birthday party involves activities, crafts, decorations, games, cupcakes, party favors…

Wait a second, these birthday parties seem even better than mine were! And if you watch the above video, you’ll see that’s so true. Not only do these parties possess all the aforementioned goodies, but they include kind-hearted volunteers and wonderful, grateful children. They seem like such a positive event for all involved, not just the kids.

As I was reading more into what they do, I did see one disappointing stat. Sure, they’ve celebrated over 1300 hundred birthdays and made the lives of 11,500 children better. And those things are undeniably awesome. But it seems like they have something against donuts:

The Birthday Party Project snack stats

10,000 cupcakes and only 120 donuts!? That’s 83 1/3 cupcakes for every donut served! Somewhere, Homer Simpson weeps.

All kidding aside, The Birthday Party Project seems like an awesome, refreshing non-profit making a big difference in their community and beyond. If you’d like to learn more, head here.