Green Zinnia Helps Women Who Lose Their Hair To Chemo

Wristband Bros recently had the privilege of helping design wristbands for Green Zinnia, a non-profit focused on improving the self-image of women with cancer. It’s their view that losing your hair to cancer isn’t just “something that happens.” Losing your hair is a self-esteem issue, one that is occurring during an extremely vulnerable time for these women.

Green Zinnia wristbands made by Wristband Bros to benefit women who lose their hair to cancer treatment

Green Zinnia is raising funds in order to impact these women directly, through the purchase of Cranial/Hair Prosthesis, or medical wigs, as well the necessary accessories to properly care for these wigs. They also provide hats and scarves for women who wish not or can not comfortably wear a wig.

This is not a vanity issue. How we view ourselves and our general mental health directly correlates to our physical health and well-being. These women are already working at a deficit, having received the terrible diagnosis of cancer. It’s important to do everything we can to relieve the stress, depression and anxiety that are nearly always associated with this awful disease.

Green Zinnia is doing their best to help. Find out more about this great cause here.