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For the month of September, Wristband Bros will donate 10% of your order value to our featured non-profit, the Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary, whenever you use the promo code: 10ForFANS

How does it work? It’s simple! When you use the promo code 10ForFANS at checkout, we’ll set 10% of the cost of the order aside. At the end of the month, we’ll donate that revenue to the Farmhouse Sanctuary. Keep reading to learn what they’re all about.

Donate 10% to the Farmhouse Sanctuary with code: 10ForFANS
Example: Order $100 worth of wristbands and we’ll donate $10.

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Why do we need animal sanctuaries?

Many animals are finding themselves struggling against the odds these days. Their habitats are shrinking and food sources are becoming scarce. Ultimately, the way of life they’ve known for generations is changing rapidly and, in many cases, it can be very difficult for them to adapt.

On top of that, there are animals who have been abandoned by negligent owners, suffered injuries that impact “usefulness” or simply have disabilities that make it difficult to survive on their own.

Whatever the reason, there are countless animals who’s chance of survival relies entirely on humans stepping in to help, and that’s where sanctuaries play a pivotal role in the animal kingdom.

Nurturing Animals, Caring for Nature, Serving Community!

The mission of the Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary is to care for, love and support the exotic and farm animals that live at the sanctuary, to the best of our ability, for the remainder of their lives and to educate the public on animal care and nature.

Being a non-profit animal sanctuary isn’t easy. Donations and volunteer participation are key to staying afloat. As they say, “Our honey do list is never ending! Whether it’s regular maintenance, like raking leaves and cleaning the feed areas, to fence repairs and painting, we can use your help at FANS.” And with 50+ animals to care for at the top of that to-do list, there’s certainly no shortage of work.

In addition to caring for the animals and the sanctuary itself, they run some awesome community programs and events geared towards bringing awareness to the sanctuary, educating people about animals and finding homes for pets in need.

Their Hands, Hooves, & Paws program is a great example of this. It’s a one-on-one experience for middle and high school students where they get paired with an animal at the sanctuary. This hands-on opportunity teaches students how to care for the animals, exposes them to the manual labor that the sanctuary requires, promotes team work and teaches them how to carry these lessons in to everyday life.

We encourage you to learn more about the Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary at their website, and keep up with them on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

And of course… please consider donating 10% For Good with code 10forFANS at checkout!

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Donate 10% to the Farmhouse Sanctuary with code: 10ForFANS
Example: Order $100 worth of wristbands and we’ll donate $10.

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