Empower Your Supporters with Promotional Wristbands

It can be difficult to find affordable ways to promote your message to the masses. Print advertising is costly and on its way out, digital ads are cheap yet difficult to stand apart, and most merchandise options get expensive fast. Then there’s promotional wristbands, an affordable way to put your message on the wrists of your most passionate supporters.

The biggest reason that promotional wristbands are such an attractive option is the price point. What other custom wearable product can you purchase 50 of for only $67.50? (shipping included!) Spoiler alert: there aren’t any.

It’s important to provide your most passionate fans with promotional tools. A captivating design will pique interest and act as a springboard for conversation. Instead of paying thousands for a billboard or online advertising, you’re paying pennies on the dollar to turn your customers into your best advertisers.

You may ask, “What makes for a good promotional wristband design?”


Keys to Designing Great Promotional Wristbands

We see a lot of wristbands come through our doors. There are a few factors that separate good wristbands from great wristbands:

A Message Worth Sharing

Sure people will wear wristbands with just a logo if the brand is strong, but a compelling message is often the difference maker when it comes to your supporters wearing their wristbands for long periods of time. Consider adding a catchy hashtag or phrase that represents what your supporters love most about your brand.

wristbands with messages worth sharing

A Design Worth Wearing

Make your wristbands attractive! A great message is an excellent start, so hammer it home with an attractive design that people will want to wear repeatedly. The wristband below is one of our favorite examples of a truly unique design.

Eye-catching Wristband Design

Eye-catching Colors

Last but certainly not least, colors. Make sure the colors you choose are eye-catching, legible and true to the brand or cause that you represent.

Wristbands with eye-catching colors

Ready to create your own promotional wristbands?

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