Behind the Bands: Hula Bowl 2022

The NFL has the Pro Bowl and college football has the Hula Bowl. We were honored to be asked to design some wristbands for this year’s Hula Bowl participants. Keep an eye out during Saturday’s game to see if you can spot them in the wild!

A legendary game.

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Established in 1946, the Hula Bowl started as a game of mainland college players vs a local Hawaiian football team. For a brief period the game was even open to NFL players in an effort to make it more competitive.

Then in 1960, the decision was made to transition to an All-Star game that would invite NCAA players from across the US. They would then be organized into two teams, East vs West, based on where they went to school. In Hawaiian tradition, the teams were named Aina and Kai, which translate into “land” and “water”.

Over the years the game was always played at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, but this year is different. The 2022 game will be hosted in Orlando at the University of Central Florida’s famous Bounce House. The location change came as a result of Aloha Stadium being deemed unfit to host large crowds.

Historically, team Aina has beaten team Kai more often than not, however last year a Rex Ryan lead team Kai took home the win. Who will it be this year? With over 100 NFL scouts in attendance, you better believe that these players will be looking to showcase their talents. It should be an awesome game.

Catch it live this Saturday, January 15 at 12pm on CBS Sports.

We obviously jumped at the opportunity to create these wristbands. To maximize our creative potential, we utilized our Die Cut wristbands to create a unique design worthy of commemorating this prestigious game. We can’t wait to tune in!

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