Movember Video Shines Light On Men’s Health

The Movember movement is back, my friends. This classic video from last year’s campaign is pretty darn funny. Here, I’ll stop talking for a moment so you can watch it.

Are you watching it? So I can do anything down here. You aren’t paying attention to me. Giggle toot. GIGGLE TOOT!

Oh hey, you’re back. Awesome. Hope you liked the video. And more importantly, I hope it’s got you thinking about Movember 2015 and, by extension, men’s health issues like testicular cancer, prostate cancer and other terrible things that happen mostly to men. Not that we don’t care about women… It’s just this is Movember, man! Ya dig?!?

To learn more about the Movember campaign and how they’ve raised 649 million dollars for men’s health issues since 2003, head here.