Designing A Custom Wristband All By Your Lonesome

wide silicone wristbands in pink and white

Are you looking to create a super-cool custom wristband? Something more involved than what’s possible in our online designer? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This post will highlight the process of designing your wristband offline using one of our templates. We’d love for you to eventually produce this wristband with us, but hey… It’s a free country. Do with this information what you will!

Where can I find these wristband templates?


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Chuck Bryant’s Bank Account – You Won’t Find It Here

I find myself burning the late night oil and listening to my favorite podcast. It’s called Stuff You Should Know and if you don’t know it… Well, you should. The show’s hosted by Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark. I haven’t a clue what these gentleman look like, but they’ve enriched my life quite a bit.* Instead of listening to a comedy podcast or the top 90’s music chart, I learn about things. And tonight I find myself learning about the deep web.

During their conversation, the two went back and forth about search engine indexing. As an example, Josh used “Chuck Bryant’s Bank Account” a number of times that just about anyone would think was inappropriate. We get it Josh – you’re searching Chuck’s bank account and it’s not coming up because it’s an encrypted page that isn’t indexed by Google. Can we spice things up by searching crazy turtle with funny eyeballs one time?

zebra that is not a turtle and has quite normal eyes (more…)

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Celebrate #PiDay with a Pirate Ship Riddle Wristband

There are a few things I know about pi. It starts with 3.14(insert a bunch of other numbers here). I know it relates in some very important way to a circle. If I had to guess, it’s the constant ratio between a circle’s circumference and its diameter.*

I also know that just because it sounds like PIE everyone gets a kick out of the number. Let’s be honest… If pi didn’t provide you an excuse to head to the nearest bakery for a lime tart, would you or anyone outside of your nearest Mathematics building care about it?

Now before I start getting hate mail from NASA, let me state unequivocally: I am sure it has extremely important mathematical implications. But so does the Golden Rule, The Feigenbaum constants, and many other constant values that have a cute little symbol and are catalogued here.

But you don’t see any of them trending on Twitter:

#Piday is trending on twitter showing 208000 tweets


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