Chuck Bryant’s Bank Account – You Won’t Find It Here

I find myself burning the late night oil and listening to my favorite podcast. It’s called Stuff You Should Know and if you don’t know it… Well, you should. The show’s hosted by Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark. I haven’t a clue what these gentleman look like, but they’ve enriched my life quite a bit.* Instead of listening to a comedy podcast or the top 90’s music chart, I learn about things. And tonight I find myself learning about the deep web.

During their conversation, the two went back and forth about search engine indexing. As an example, Josh used “Chuck Bryant’s Bank Account” a number of times that just about anyone would think was inappropriate. We get it Josh – you’re searching Chuck’s bank account and it’s not coming up because it’s an encrypted page that isn’t indexed by Google. Can we spice things up by searching crazy turtle with funny eyeballs one time?

zebra that is not a turtle and has quite normal eyes

Ok, that’s not a turtle. Google, you’ve disappointed me.

Anyway, I thought it would be funny if our website showed up for any fellow SYSK fan-searches of “Chuck Bryant’s Bank Account.” Of course, I might be the only one to have ever searched it (for good fun or for very poorly executed criminal enterprises). But I have a feeling there will be a couple like-minded people to come across this page.

And for you, fellow fan, a gift:

chihuahua running on treadmill wearing a superman costume

*I now know what Josh and Chuck look like. I used an image of them as the featured image for this blog. If you share this on Facebook, it will be the image you see associated with the link. But I can still say this – I’m only guessing Chuck is the one with the beard. He just looks like a Chuck to me.