Cool Effect Fights Climate Change, One Person At A Time

If you’re on Instagram and you’re not following @CoolEffect_, it’s pretty safe to say that you’re a villain of the highest order (even higher than super). We kid, of course. Perhaps you’re just hearing of right now. And that’s okay… It’s a pretty new initiative.

So what does the Cool Effect organization do, anyhow? The concept is simple (and awesome). They highlight the very best in carbon saving initiatives around the world and make it super easy for you to donate to that particular cause. Want to help support the preservation of rainforests? Or assist Peruvian’s in gaining access to stoves that diminish their reliance on wood burning? It’s all as easy as a click of a few buttons. You can make a one-time donation or you can subscribe for monthly contributions to a cause that truly resonates with you.

We recently created some wristbands for their SXSW promotions. They made a very brief appearance in this terrific video they shared:

Cool Effect is a great organization that is making a real impact in the world today. Head on over to their site and support one of their awesome carbon-reducing causes.