Celebrate #PiDay with a Pirate Ship Riddle Wristband

There are a few things I know about pi. It starts with 3.14(insert a bunch of other numbers here). I know it relates in some very important way to a circle. If I had to guess, it’s the constant ratio between a circle’s circumference and its diameter.*

I also know that just because it sounds like PIE everyone gets a kick out of the number. Let’s be honest… If pi didn’t provide you an excuse to head to the nearest bakery for a lime tart, would you or anyone outside of your nearest Mathematics building care about it?

Now before I start getting hate mail from NASA, let me state unequivocally: I am sure it has extremely important mathematical implications. But so does the Golden Rule, The Feigenbaum constants, and many other constant values that have a cute little symbol and are catalogued here.

But you don’t see any of them trending on Twitter:

#Piday is trending on twitter showing 208000 tweets

So let us all stand up and admit to ourselves that all we really care about is this:

A fresh homemade fruit tart on a tablecloth from Pastiche in Providence, RI
A fresh homemade fruit tart on a tablecloth from Pastiche in Providence, RI.

Now that we got that out of the way, I feel comfortable introducing our #piday wristband. (Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, make a wristband with ’em!)

#piday pi rat ship wristband

This (Pi)rate Ship wristband was designed using our high-powered, super-secret, soon-to-be-released online designer. Keep checking back, because the designer will be online soon… Meaning you’ll be able to create the baddest wristbands on the block.

*By “if I had to guess” I really meant “if I were to Google this right now.”