We’re Expanding Our Wristband Empire To Massachusetts!

Wristband Bros is spreading its wings and opening a second office location. I know, I know. We’re an e-commerce company that sells its wristbands online. What do you guys and gals care if we do that in New York, Rhode Island, Washington or Massachusetts?

Even though that is a true point, it doesn’t mean we can’t get super-excited! Wristband Bros got its start in Massachusetts over 6 years ago, so it’s a bit of a coming home party. But don’t worry New York, we’re keeping our office space there, too. I’m sure the two locations will get along like Red Sox and Yankee fans do… Meaning I think we’re going to spit in each other/s hot dog when the other guy ain’t lookin!

In honor of this momentous occasion, I created a Massachusetts-themed wristband using our soon-to-be-unveiled wristband designer. Check it out:

massachusetts wristband that says my heart's in massachusetts

That’s right, my friend. The new designer will allow you to search an enormous amount of clip art that you’ll be free to arrange to your heart’s content! And you’ll also be able to stack text and rotate items. I think what I’m trying to say is this:

Our new designer will be the most capable online wristband designer in Massachusetts, America and quite possibly the world. And we’re looking forward to you seeing it!