Today, we vote. Choose wisely, America. And remember that every vote counts.

the american flag country drapped over the lower 48 states

It’s November 8th in America. Today, we finally reach the finish line in what seems like the longest dentist appointment in the history of the planet. No matter which candidate you support, I think we can agree on one thing: Thank goodness it’s just about over.

There’s no wristband sales pitch here. I just wanted to post this simple reminder to our blog. Get out and vote. No matter how frustrated you might feel about the tenor of this election, you should never allow yourself to forfeit a sacred right: The right to have your voice heard in this great democracy of ours.

Good luck to both candidates. And if your guy or gal loses, let’s keep a cool head. The sun will come up tomorrow. The seasons will still change (sadly). And America will keep on keeping on. It’s what we do!