Looking For Information On Your Order? Use Our New Order Tracker!

check your order status using our order tracker link in the wristband bros header

(above image) The Wristband Bros Order Tracker highlighted in the red box.

You’ve ordered from Wristband Bros and now you want to check on the status of your order. Is it in production? Has it mailed out? Maybe it’s even sitting on your front porch!?

Well, this order information is easy to access! Firstly, order status updates are sent to you via email from team@blog2.wristbandbros.com. If you search your email, you should find your current order status as well as an order receipt. But if you don’t want to go through that trouble, no worries! The Wristband Bros order tracker has you covered.

After clicking into the tracker, you should see this:

search button for wristband bros order tracker

As you can see, you have the option to enter your order # (this can be found in your receipt email and always starts with wb-) or you can enter your email address. Entering your email address will prompt an email to be sent to your account containing your order information and order number.

After adding your order number (wb-xxxxxxxxxxx) into our order tracker, you’ll see a summary of your order and a link to a printable receipt:

wristband order summary for red wristband

As your order moves through the production process, the order status will be updated in a timeline on that same page:

order tracker timeline for a wristband bros order

Pretty simple, right!?

Start tracking your Wristband Bros order here!