Behind the Bands: #SOBERISSWAGGY

Our customer Jody made his wristbands to help himself and others battle against substance abuse. #SOBERISSWAGGY is a movement of addicts “that overcame the addiction that has put so many of our family and friends in the ground.”

In Jody’s own words:

We fight daily to be achievers of sobriety through God’s son, Jesus Christ! We surrender it all, we didn’t win the fight so we gave it to God to fight for us. It is not a religion, it’s a relationship with our higher power. If you believe and have faith, let go, let God in your life and it will begin to change immediately. 

We are all fighting something and addiction was kicking our butts, but not anymore. We are special people to be overcomers and achieve the sobriety of today. Stay sober today, then worry about tomorrow when he wakes you up in the mornings. Be a better person today and always focus on what is right in front of you. Smile more, give a hug, a high five or just give someone your presence or attention. It goes a long way ….

Sober is the new fad. It’s very cool to be sober so why not be sober and swaggy??? Anyone and everyone can jump on board, it’s just a saying that means so much to so many. Everyday I look at my bracelet and it keeps me focused to be strong and on a sober path. These bracelets are reaching across the world. Let’s join together and start a movement that our children can carry on when we are gone.

This all started back during my second visit to AA and I realized as I sat there and listened, that I, with all of my abusive alcohol history, could make a difference! I could take control of my life and not let addiction destroy it. 

Our bracelets are daily reminders to be a better person and most of all, STAY SOBER! Anyone can join our team. Get the word out and show our bracelets. #SOBERISSWAGGY

Check out some of their photos below and follow Jody on Instagram see what he’s up to!

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