Want Free Wristbands? Get In Touch About A Sponsorship!

a group of young adults jumping for joy over free wristbands

The What: Free Wristbands.

The Why: To Support Your Good Cause.

The How: Email us all your details to sean@blog2.wristbandbros.com.

Free Wristbands May Just Be A Quick Email Away.

Wristband Bros comes in contact with a lot of great causes. We can’t sponsor them all (we’d be bankrupt and living under the bridge near our office), but we do offer free wristbands to as many good causes as we can. If you think your wristband project might fit the bill, hit us up!

Here’s the information we’d need to see if you qualify for our free wristband program:

  • What is your good cause?
  • How many wristbands do you need?
  • When do you need the wristbands by?

Be sure to include your design details in the email. Design details might include the colors you want, the message you want and any other artwork that you would like on the wristband.

I handle this program personally, so please email me directly. Here’s my email: sean@blog2.wristbandbros.com. If you have any websites connected to your wristband campaign, please include links to them in your email so we can check them out!

Looking forward to hooking you up with some free wristbands soon!