Make Rubber Wristbands For Your Next Event

wristband for event  featuring jason derulo

Whether you’re a concert artist, starting a fundraiser or promoting your car dealership, there’s one word all of your supporters understand: swag.

We’d like to make a small amendment to that. What they should be thinking is silicone swag. As in custom silicone wristbands. Because if there’s anything any premium event needs, it’s a little token to remember the night by:

pattern wristband for event with intricate white and orange design

Wristbands are great not only for your guests to wear at the event, but also for a long time after they’re gone. You know what that means? You’re getting extra promotion long after the lights go off. And it’s not just a good reminder for the person wearing the wristband, but for all their friends, too.

white golden tulip wristband for event with flower

If you’re worried about your event deadline, give us a call or use our contact page to be in touch. You could also message us on the Zopim message box at the bottom of this page. We’re online from 10 – 7 Monday through Friday to answer any questions you might have.

We’re looking forward to providing amazing wristbands for your event!