Andy Murray Wristband To Be Auctioned By The Duchess of Cornwall… It all sounds very British.

Andy Murray wristband being thrown into the crowd

Andy Murray dispatched Dutchman Robin Hease on Wimbledon’s Centre Court this past week. And after doing so, he immediately dispatched his wristband into the crowd. And you wouldn’t believe who ended up with it.

The Duchess of Cornwall, of course. Well, more pointedly, it was caught by All England Club chairman Philip Brook. But this being the land of chivalry, the good gentleman handed the prize over to the Duchess post-haste!

It was a thrill only surpassed by her prodigious hat:

The Duchess of Cornwall wearing a very large green hat

The Duchess has no plans to keep the item. It’s pretty sweaty and sorta gross, after all. So she’ll be auctioning the wristband off for charity. Proceeds from the Andy Murray wristband auction will be donated to the Royal Veterinary College Animal Care Trust. A noble cause from a Noblewoman.

If you’re looking to buy yourself a little piece of Tennis and English history in one fell swoop, you’re in luck. The wristband is being auctioned on Ebay. Check out the auction page here.