Good Cause Bracelets Discount For All Our Blog Readers

Wristband Bros has a small (tiny) blog fan base that some would argue doesn’t even exist at all. Some naysayers might equate our daily writings on the amazing qualities of silicone bracelets to a man talking to his pet rock. Or maybe to Tom Hanks in that movie…

Tom Hanks from Castaway peering at his imaginary soccer ball friend Wilson

Hogwash, I tell you! I know we’ve got some readers out there. There has to be. Otherwise where have all my terrific jokes been going for the last few months?

man sticking his hand through a black hole on a piece of paper

As a reward for being a faithful reader–or just for randomly stumbling on this blog this one time–we’ve decided to extended a 10% discount an all cause bracelets.

Now what exactly is a cause bracelet?

boston strong cause bracelets made by wristband bros

You know a cause bracelet you see it. It’s a bracelet that is raising money or awareness for a cause that betters the world around us. It’s not strictly a non-profit bracelet. But it’s one created to support an idea or purpose that is noble, just and important.

A cause bracelet raises money for cancer or for a family friend who’s sick or in need. A cause bracelet raises money for the local high school lacrosse team to finally take that trip to Hawaii to participate in Nationals. A cause bracelet identifies a need in the community and helps in some way, big or small.

If you think your bracelet falls into this category, get in touch with us today. We’ll be happy to process your order with our 10% good cause discount.

Looking forward to hearing from you!