Purchase Sizing Samples Before Your Next Wristband Order

custom wristbands in different sizes

Wondering what size wristband you should order for your next project? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We get that question a lot. Think about it. If you’re about to order 500 or more wristbands, it would be pretty key to know the exact size bracelet you want in advance.

That’s where Wristband Bros sample packs come in. We’ll ship you a pack of four wristband samples in our recommended sizes: Youth, Young Adult, Adult and Large. You’ll gain the sizing-wisdom you desire before completing your order, and all for the cost of shipping and handling. Which in this case is a $5 bill.

And even if you’re sure on sizing, our sample packs are great to get an idea for what our wristbands look and feel like in real life.

custom wristbands in different sizes by wristband bros

To order a pack of samples, get in touch with us at info@blog2.wristbandbros.com today.