Behold The Awesome Power Of The QR Code

qr code printed on wristband leading to ovation company website

Have you ever considered turning your silicone wristband into a high-tech piece of 2016 machinery? If you haven’t, shame on you! And if you have (but didn’t think it was possible), have we got news. Each one of our custom silicone wristbands can include a screen printed QR code pointing to your website!

Check out the wristband above for The Ovation Company. You can either click that link to their site, or you can be all “Neo from the Matrix” and scan the qr code in the photo above with your smart phone. You can do this using a free app called QR Scanner or another called QR reader, among many other free apps floating around out there.

Hey, where’d you go? Darn – You must have scanned the code. I really didn’t think this one through…

To add a qr code to your next wristband, just upload it in our designer. We’ll provide you a digital proof of your high-tech, super modern wristband within 24 hours.

Start customizing!