Get Ink Fill & Debossed Only – On The Same Wristband

To ink fill, or not to ink fill? That is the question.

But what if I told you there was a way to have it all? To have your cake and debossed-only wristbands, too?

I know how you’re feeling right now. There’s a rush of pure adrenaline traveling down your spine and wiggling all your toes. You feel like dancing, screaming and crying, all at once. I know because I experienced it, too. The moment you learn you can both deboss a message AND deboss + ink fill another message is a life changing experience.

Are you ready now to see this printing method, in all its illustrious glory? Here it is, my friends:

wristband with debossing and ink fill on half the message

Earth-shattering! Volcanic eruptions! Mudslides and floods and–and–I think Mt. Everest just tipped over!

Wait, no… It’s not all that. It’s just that feeling of wonder that comes from finding out new silicone wristband facts!

What are you waiting for, friend from the internet. Take that feeling of awe and glory and start designing your amazing wristband today!