Design Bracelets For Charity With Wristband Bros

If you run a charity you’ve undoubtably purchased fundraising bracelets. I commend you for a smart decision. However, if you didn’t order them from Wristband Bros I believe this gif applies:

fish jumping from river into boat

With Wristband Bros you can get more than just your standard text and clip art. If you’d like, our art team can put our heads together and create a totally unique design based around the colors and tone of your charity. If you’ve got a complicated logo, we can put that on the band, too. Bracelets for charity can be so much more than an afterthought. They can be pretty darn awesome:

cover your assets bracelet for charity
human races bracelet for charity
fears vs dreams bracelet for charity
rhino bracelet for charity

We can create these killer bracelets in any style or shape you dream up. Have the wristband custom molded to fit the shape of your logo or keep it standard with the half-inch bracelet. Maybe go super crazy and try the billboard sized 1″ wristband. That’s sure to get everyone’s attention. The only limit is our collective imaginations. And I don’t know about you, but my imagination looks like this:

picture of amazing looking cheeseburger loaded with toppings

I apologize. I may be thin, but I have the soul of a chubby man.

Get in touch with us regarding your bracelets for charity today!