Motivational Wristbands Help Kick Your Butt Into Shape

Last night I saw a Youtube video that made me laugh, cry, chuckle, chortle and even burp once. Or maybe that was the orange soda…

All burps aside, this was the video:

Chris Farley is the man. This is actually a fact, not an opinion. And his motivational speaker bit is as classic as it gets. It got me thinking. I really need to move to a van down by the river. My second thought was a little more pertinent, though:

We are in desperate need of a motivational wristband blog. It’s one of our most popular message themes and it’s not all that surprising. Everyone, everywhere is in search of some form of motivation. So why not have said motivation on your wrist?

motivational wristbands printed by Wristband Bros

The next time you’re thinking of staying in and eating potato chip crumbs out of your chest hairs rather than hit the gym, I hope you’re wearing a motivational wristband to give you a figurative kick in the butt!

Now, returning to our regularly scheduled programming:

cat falling over on top of John Deere tractor