Awesome Custom Wristbands Are What We Do

custom wristband made for Mayday Parade with vertical print

If you go to our competitors websites, you’ll notice something scary. Something crazy. Something downright insane. They will actually charge you more for extra characters on your custom wristbands. Or for clip art. Or for using two sides of the wristband.

I know. I’m huddled in the corner shaking from the shock, too. If I make it out of the house by Christmas I’ll consider myself lucky.

Consider the custom wristband we designed for Mayday Parade. They asked for vertical song lyrics written in a bunch of complimentary fonts. Instead of running to the calculator to see how many pennies we could squeeze from their pockets, we sat down at a computer and got to work.

You see, we don’t charge extra for a design like the above. All we care about here is you. And making sure you’re happy with your order.

We’re not every other custom wristband company. We don’t shove fake “This Day Only” deals down your throat. We don’t promise 90% off in our ads only to suspiciously forget the offer once you come to our page. We have no hidden fees and we’ll design you a spectacular custom wristband for no extra cost at all.

So next time you’re looking to get custom wristbands made, please. Do the only sensible thing. Come to us.