The Disney MagicBand is a Custom Wristband Guy’s Dream

Since 2009, we’ve been trying to tell the world the future is in wristbands. And sure, some of that may stem from the fact that our business relies pretty heavily on these beautiful, precious little circles of silicone. But a larger part derives from the fact that they’re already ubiquitous and generally speaking can be produced on the cheap. Who wouldn’t want a promotional product everyone already likes to wear that you can affordably give away? They’re just a no brainer.

So we’re happy to see Disney invest in wristbands as the future with their MagicBand.

Disney's MagicBand that replaces paper products at the park

The MagicBands look like clean, stylish rubber wristbands offered in shades of blue, grey, green, pink, yellow, orange and red. Hidden inside them is an rdf chip that’s pre-loaded with all sorts of information. The information stored inside is then leveraged by the park to make all sorts of neat things happen. Like make the dinner you ordered back at the hotel arrive at your table even though you never told Disney where you were sitting or who you even were.

The silicone wristband is great for the environment, too! It replaces all the traditional paper passes that would ultimately litter the ground around the park. Now all that information is tucked safely away on your wrist.

Where in our opinion, it always should have been!