Design Your “I’m With Her” Wristbands With Us

Wristband Bros tries to stay out of politics. Unless we’re following the fate of Westeros, we try to remain down the middle on the topic. So this blog isn’t in support of any one candidate. Phew… Glad that’s out of the way!

With that said, I’m sure we have plenty of Hilary Clinton supporters amongst our customer base. She’s not quite the Democratic candidate yet, but she’s getting there. And if you’re going to help push her over the top, why not do it by passing out “I’m With Her” custom rubber wristbands?

What? Am I making too much sense? Sorry. I’m a super-genius*, after all.

Here’s a Hillary Clinton wristband we put together using our top secret (soon-to-be-unveiled) online wristband designer:

i'm with her rubber wristband supporting hillary clinton

That’s right. Our new designer will allow you to mix and match colors in your text. You’re no longer stuck with simple, one-color messaging. Thank goodness! And oh, by the way… We’ll be the only place you can design your own wristband with this type of colored message. Keep checking back for the designer… It’ll be up soon!

If you’re looking to design a wristband in support of Hillary Clinton or any other candidate, start designing with us today!

*Certified by the Board of Super-Genius Types in Milwaukee, WI.