The Return Of Game Of Thrones Makes Me Happy Inside

[Very light spoilers ahead]

Winter may still yet be coming for most of Westeros, but it certainly hit us hard this year. We’ve been deprived of our weekly Game Of Thrones episodes for months and months. How I felt inside is likely similar to how North Alaskan’s feel when the sun sets for its long, dark slumber. Am I being dramatic? Maybe. Or maybe not. Sunday’s episode was good enough to vindicate all those long-held emotions. Not much was truly revealed, but that’s okay. We don’t need to wait forever to keep the story churning. It’ll be back next week. Thank goodness for that.

I decided we simply had to feature a Game of Thrones inspired wristband. Maybe we’ll make it a regular feature while the show is running. The first design is inspired by everyone’s favorite cast-off, Jorah Mormont. His dogged search for Dany continues, though now with greater concern than ever before. How he’s concentrating on that, I’m not really sure. The man’s wrist is turning to stone, after all:

Jorah greyscale on his wrist

Jorah, that does not look good. Definitely try some heavy moisturizer. May want to check in with a dermatologist, too.

If you’re the type to believe in solidarity, maybe you can make yourself a stone-man wristband:

stone man wristband with full wrap print

You can achieve this look in your wristband by sending us a pattern or design and asking for a flat wrap print. Then we’ll get crackin’! (Pun not intended but intended.)