Make A Custom Basketball Band Like Your Favorite Baller

Did you catch the Celtics – Hawks basketball game last night? An intense, back-and-forth contest all night. It looked like Paul Millsap would rule the day, but that was before Marcus Smart showed up to throw down a defensive gauntlet that will be remembered in Boston for some time.

One thing I noticed (and may have actually been the key to the game) is that a lot of the players were rocking silicone wristbands. Now, we didn’t design or sell any of wristbands they were wearing (as far as we know), but we do provide that exact product. So if you’re in need of a baller band to rock on the court like the pros, we’ve got you covered.

And what makes this revelation even more exciting? Our online designer is about to get a complete overhaul. You’ll have more ability to create the perfect wristband design to tout your team. Check out this design the C’s inspired us to make last night:

go green rubber wristband with basketballs and shamrock

You simply can’t create a wristband like this on another wristband website. Not even ours – Yet. That will be changing very soon. Keep checking back for the new, high-powered design tool!

And, oh yeah… Go C’s!