Steph Curry And His 402 Threes Are Pure Insanity

Steph Curry made 402 three pointers this year. 402. That sounds like a heck of a lot, and that’s even if you don’t know the previous records was less than 300. This basketball shooting machine made one less three pointer than he did two pointers. That stat alone, for a full-time starting player in the NBA, is pure INSANITY.

In honor of his achievement, Wristband Bros put together a Steph Curry tribute design using our super-secret, soon-to-be-released wristband designer. Bask in its infinite glory:

402 wristband in black with yellow writing

Wristband designs like this aren’t currently possible anywhere on the web. But with our new, high-powered designer, you’ll be able to arrange your message and clip art in a zillion and one different ways.

That’s at least 10% as cool as a 35 foot three, right guys?