Die Cut Silicone Wristbands Are Custom Shaped To Your Heart’s Content

die cut silicone wristband in black with white message

Customers will often ask about the term die cut. As in, what the heck does it mean? Well, the above wristband illustrates our die cut wristbands pretty succinctly. Look it over in all its groovy glory.

These wristbands take the standard, symmetrical wristband shape and tosses it right out the window. And in its place? A totally unique, original product made specifically for you. The custom cut can take an endless amount of shapes, whether it be molding it around your logo, a heart, a custom message or a chilli pepper wearing a Donald Trump mask.

The point is, our die cut wristbands can be virtually any shape under the sun. The only limit is the one your put on your own beautiful, big, genius brain.

Are you ready to unleash the cut? Yes? Awesome! Head over to our product page to get started!