Wristbands With A Stacked Message – We do that.

Hi there! I’m checking in on this silicone-sweet Thursday morning (if you love rubber say yeah – YEAH!) to share a little trick of the wristband-with-a-message trade.

I don’t have a crystal ball and I can’t read minds. So I’m not exactly sure why you’re here. But one thing I figure is for sure: You’re in the custom wristband market. You’re looking for one of our awesome bracelets for a special fundraiser or event.

Now maybe, just maybe, you’re thinking your message is too long for one of our wristbands. Well, my friend, think again! Our wristbands defy convention. You don’t need to settle for a simple left-to-right message. You can feel free to stack that text, too!

wristband with stacked message saying 50 10 club

Allowing for this stacking method, we can fit quite a bit of information on a wristband. Isn’t that awesome?

You can’t stack messages on our online designer just yet (it’s coming!), but if you contact us we’ll guide you on the simple, super-easy process to maximize your design space by using stacked messages. Get in touch today!