Fundraising Focus: Releasing Monarch Butterflies

Monarch butterfly resting on man's finger at event where butterflies are released

Watch video here: Butterfly Release Fundraiser.

If you’re looking for an interesting and fun fundraiser, we’ve got one right here. Langley Hospice and The Lodge of British Columbia have teamed up with the company Flutterbuys to release butterflies. All while raising money for their great causes. Now that’s a win-win!

The basic concept is simple and fun for all involved. A person makes a donation and they receive a box with a butterfly inside. They then open the box and the beautiful little insect flies away into the sky. Kids and adults alike clearly love the wonder of the moment.

As this event mainly benefits a hospice, the butterflies are largely symbolizing lost loved ones. I do think this fundraising concept could apply to all sorts of charity groups and doesn’t necessarily need to symbolize anything. It’s just plain fun releasing butterflies and watching them tumble away.

If you’re worried you don’t have a company like Flutterbuys near you, fear not. Butterfly farms are quite common. You can find a list of them here.