Go All Out With Your Next Wristband Design

event wristbands featuring social media icons

If you’re looking to color outside the box on your next event wristband, you’ve come to the right place. Add in your social media icons, stack lines of text and add in your own custom logos. The fact is, our wristbands are a blank slate. Design them yourself or kick the dirty work off to us. Whatever you do, don’t settle for less.

Why go through the trouble of styling out your wristband?

The cooler the design, the more likely your customers will continue to wear your wristband. You’ve got the power to not just promote your next event, but to make a product that your supporters will want to wear for months to come. Make that wristband work overtime. Don’t let your wristband be boring. Boring wristbands are at a 9x higher risk for being thrown away.*

If you’d like to discuss your next custom wristband project, you can reach us on our contact page. One of our artists will get back to you as soon as they can.

If you’re ready to start designing, head here.

*A stat I just invented.