Lady Titans Wristband Reaffirms That Strength Is Beauty

Lady Titans Strength Is Beauty wristband

We recently had the pleasure of working with Jana Hickman on “Strength Is Beauty” custom wristbands for the student athletes of Columbus Unified High School in Kansas. The athletes are known, quite appropriately, as the Lady Titans. And Jana is committed to passing on some important, worthwhile life lessons to each and every one of them.

At the heart of her campaign for student betterment is an effort to get her student athletes excited about being both physically and mentally strong. Explained in her own words, she had this to say:

“A lot of girls buy into the stereotype that if you lift weights and get strong that you will look manly. My goal is to break that myth and show that functional strength is beautiful.”

Jana is preaching this mantra to her students every day. This summer she plans on rewarding athletes who work hard with a Strength Is Beauty wristband. This incentive program will help reinforce positive body image values and push her students to new and exciting heights.

With Jana leading the way, I have no doubt she’ll be handing out a lot of wristbands to the Lady Titans student athletes this summer!