Rolex With Shot Across Our Bow. They’re Getting Into The Rubber Game.

Woah, woah, woah there Rolex. There’s only one Silicone Sultan around these parts. Did you not get the memo? Rubber bracelets are a Wristband Bro gig. We’ve been cranking these things out for years and for cents on the dollar, no less.

How much is your rubber monstrosity? I bet the price tag would make the world blush, which is why it’s conveniently left off the product page.

Rolex YachtMaster rubber watch

Sure, we could insert a titanium bracelet inside our silicone and maybe slap a few ounces of gold onto it. But we’re not pretentious. No, instead we’ll print up 100,000 wristbands for the cost of one of your watches and we’ll silicone swag out an entire small-to-medium sized city.

Rolex YachtMaster rubber watch close up

Rubber Rolex’s… Can you believe these guys? I’ll stick to my beach bum, thank you much.

multicolored beach bum wristbands

Priceless, I tell you! Priceless!