Scalping Tickets To Your Own Show Is Awesome

Being the foremost authority on all things wristband, we’d be remiss if we didn’t touch on the sordid tale of Fantastic Negrito, the Oakland-based musician who was detained for scalping wristbands to his own show.

Aaron Paul on The Price Is Right

Fantastic, whose real name is Xavier Dphrrpaulezz, and two unnamed individuals were detained by police for peddling without a permit. They were allegedly trying to trade non-transferable artist wristbands for pockets full of dough. Unfortunately, the old adage “the show must go on” did not apply in this case. The performance was cancelled and the fans went home feeling, well, less than Fantastic.

The talented musician didn’t go down without a tweet. Fantastic claimed the whole affair was a misunderstanding and that his intern had already copped to the scalping crime. He also spoke on the affordable housing crisis gripping San Francisco, tweeting that “the kid probably needed the money rent is high in the bay.”

Now that’s professional-level deflection, Fantastic!