Stormtroopers Storm Across The Golden Gate Bridge

This is a pretty cool video. The Golden Gate Garrison recently raised awareness for a good cause by holding an out-of-this world march. Massed together, this stormtrooper army walked across the Golden Gate Bridge in full stormtrooper costumes.

Star Wars buffs must have noticed it wasn’t all stormtroopers in on the fun. There were bounty hunters and Imperial officers mixed into the bunch. And don’t forget Darth Vader leading the charge. I imagine it was quite a sight or those cars randomly crossing the bridge at the same time.

The march was to honor Kevin Doyle and to raise awareness for Eileen’s Little Angels, a foundation he created to honor the memory of his wife.

Good work to all the stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, bounty hunters and Darth Vaders involved!